Welcome to Salvation of the Nine Empires

Welcome to the campaign, Salvation of the Nine Empires. This page will serve as a tool to help our group keep track of our campaign, characters, and all game related information.

The History

“Countermay is a land where several threads converge in the Tapestry of Worlds. A world of settlers, both by choice and accident; a world of conflict, between civilizations young and ancient, noble and cruel, living and… otherwise; a world unresolved, with many vying to shape its fate…”

After a thousand years of conflict, nine empires have risen to prominence in this strange world. Blue skinned aliens, sentient undead, powerful sorcerers, fey, displaced WWII soldiers, and more call Countermay home, each with their own priorities and motivations. However, after 1000 years of war, Countermay is dying. Battles, salted earth, curses, plagues, rains of blood, extraterrestrial parasites, demonic influence, and other hazards beyond count have ruined much of the planet. The food is running out. The threat of starvation looms.

No one is willing to sacrifice their freedom or power to another, so most believe the only way to save Countermay is to seize undisputed control, defeating the other empires. Once Countermay is united under one banner, then the hunger problems can be addressed. Until then, armies march across the planet, fed with the ever-dwindling food as they churn once-fertile farmland into mud with their boots.

Faced with extinction, the Empires have convened a great conference where the leaders of Countermay may decide the future of the World and how to combat their impending doom.

The Story

Salvation of the Nine Empires focuses around a group of adventurers from the world of Countermay. Recruited by each of the empires they serve, these characters have been ordered to put aside generations of hate and rivalry to find a cure for your war ravaged world.

However, kind words and a common goal are not sufficient to mend what decades of war have torn asunder. Every adventurer has lost loved ones in the never ending war for the Godhead Seat, and only a fool would think the other factions would not use the Fruit of Life for military and political advantage. What secret orders do your compatriots follow? What hidden motivations drive them onwards? Most importantly, who can you trust as you venture into the unknown?


This game will be using the AGE Fantasy system.

Creating a Character

The actual creation of your character will be on the first day of play. However, to be able to do that you must have an idea of who your character is. At the very least this means choosing a faction and what have you done to be important enough to be chosen for this mission.

The first thing to help you build that back story are the factions. Certain races and character types will come from different factions. So please click on the wiki and get an idea of the factions available. It is good for you/your character to at least know the basics of every faction, or the other characters/players may be able to manipulate you easily. I would prefer that we have a maximum of 1 from each faction, so when you have decided on a faction, send me a message on this website. I am willing to make an exception only if you and the other person represent different interests within your faction.


The game will be run approximately every month on Thursday at 630pm.


Please note that Countermay, Romance of the Nine Empires, and its factions are the creations of Zombie Orpheus Entertainment. If you would like more information about the starting world, please check out the wiki on this page or watch The Gamers 3: Hands of Fate. All other worlds, scenarios, etc will be created by the players of this game.

Salvation of the Nine Empires