A mysterious item allowing transport through time, space, and dimensions


The Eversor

For the in game, story info go here The Eversor

In the simplest terms possible the Eversor allows its user to catch glimpses of the threads of reality connecting the Omniverse. These glimpses grant the user some special abilities.

A player using the Eversor receives a +1 to all his cards as long as he is wearing the Eversor.

A player wearing the Eversor cannot lie or be lied to.

The Eversor can choose to be invisible to most sentient creatures.

For every day the user remains in a location that is not his native location 1 Joker is added to the GM deck until the Eversor goes to a new location.

Upon arriving in a new location the Eversor will fall from its users brow. Users of the Eversor and its connected bracelets have 10 minutes to find someone to wear the Eversor. Wearing the Eversor through a Thread Slide is draining on many levels and to continue to wear it after a Slide would kill the user within hours.

If the Eversor is ever broken, its user and all users of Sorian bracelets connected to it will be ripped across the strands they have crossed. The damage this would cause to the Weave of Worlds is unknown.



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